How to Create Relaxing Moments in your Everyday Life

How to Create Relaxing Moments in your Everyday Life

Relaxing comes easy on vacation; sun, sand and the peaceful ocean breeze erase any memory of expense reports and project deadlines. Sustaining this inner-calm after returning to the working world takes a bit more effort however. Using these tips can help keep your brain and body happy during your normal workweek routine.

Conscious breathing is a great way to quickly relax in a stressful situation. Taking long, deep breaths helps release tension stored in the body. With your feet flat on the floor and your back off of your chair, close your eyes and concentrate only on inhaling and exhaling. After a minute of conscious breathing, you’ll feel reenergized and ready to tackle your day!

Stretching and exercise are also proven ways to reduce anxiety. To balance stress, try punctuating your workday with desk-assisted pushups while making it a habit to take the stairs and walk for at least 30 minutes of your lunch hour. Staying hydrated can also help you here, as refilling your bottle of water and getting up to use the bathroom both get you out of your chair. Taking advantage of small, routine opportunities to get moving will help clear your head and ease your tension.

If wearing headphones or playing music is allowed in your office, having a playlist of relaxing tunes can help you get in a tranquil mindset. Using music to revitalize your mind can help expand your perspective on an issue, leave you more open to creative problem solving, and lead you to become more productive.

Try integrating some of these tips into your workday to stay relaxed, and feel free to try out a few of your own ideas! Once you establish several methods of stress-release that you favor, they will become the natural response to tension in your life.

(Posted by: Marg Lachmuth of The Lodge at Weirs Beach)

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