Tips for Getting the Most Out of Your Vacation

The purpose of a vacation is to escape your everyday life and immerse yourself in a time spent without the restrictions of your usual routine. We take time to cleanse the rest of our bodies of harmful toxins, why not our minds? Try to think of your vacation as a mental cleanse. Stress and anxieties that often follow us around daily can eventually be just as harmful as some of the toxins our bodies encounter. So how can you truly take advantage of the cleansing capabilities of a vacation? Try to practice these tips before and during your trip: 

1.) Leave the office at the office: Many people have a difficult time shutting off at the end of the day, so this is easier said than done. Letting yourself “fall off the map” so to speak is going to be highly beneficial part of your mental cleanse. If being disconnected from your emails and texts is going to stress you out more than the opposite, then allow yourself designated check-in times when you can devote yourself to reading and responding to emails and phone calls. The shorter the vacation, the fewer check-in times there should be.

2.) Break away from strict schedules: While it’s nice to have an itinerary, you’re trying to escape the strict schedules you abide by on a daily basis. If you set yourself up for a strict and tight schedule of activities, you’re going to end up stressing yourself out more, which is definitely counterproductive. Instead, make a list of things you’d like to partake in or do. If they are scheduled activities (like a show or workshop), keep track of the time. Otherwise, just relax and take part in the other activities (i.e. dinner, drinks, spa activities, exercise, walks, or shopping) whenever you feel like it. The leisurely feeling goes a long way.

3.) Indulge (in moderation): On vacation, you should fully and completely enjoy yourself. That may mean allowing yourself to indulge a little more than you’re used to. Let yourself experience a decadent dessert or gourmet meal. If you’re on a strict diet, some extra calories here and there are not going to mess up all your progress, and satiating your cravings will help you dispel them down the road. Don’t worry about cutting corners too much with money either; you don’t take vacations all the time, in order to get the most out of it, you need to enjoy it to the fullest. That may mean spending a little extra cash on the nicer things you don’t get to experience often.

4.) Save ahead of time: In order to let yourself live a little on your vacation, it might be necessary to save ahead of time. With the extra cash that you willingly put toward your vacation, you’ll be able to experience all you wanted to during this time, all while avoiding the guilt of your other finances falling to the wayside. You’ll be able to splurge and maintain your peace of mind; a certain win-win!

You deserve this vacation and the lasting effect it could yield for your mental and physical wellbeing, so make it worthwhile. Step outside your comfort zone and let yourself fall into a relaxing state of minimal worry and stress. No matter what activities you plan to take part in on your mental cleanse, we have a variety to look into on our Activities page with relaxation, rejuvenation, indulgence, and adventure all in mind!

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