Calendar of Workshops for 2014

yoga at the Lodge at Weir's Beach

Our spacious accommodation is the perfect venue for your group to host a seminar, course, lecture, conference, or meeting. Reserve the entire Beach House, or individual rooms. Our large studio has space for up to 15 students.

The Lodge offers a peaceful yet invigorating setting for Yoga teachers who would like to offer their students workshops or intensive training sessions.

Greeting the sun in the early morning, as it rises over the Pacific, is a blissful experience for everyone looking for inner peace - a great way to start your day!

Call (250)478-5000 to reserve the studio space.


2014 Workshops

Restorative Yoga & Thai Massage

Restorative yogaTreat yourself to this "'mini-retreat" where your body, mind & spirit are nurtured.  In this unique two hour class, you'll be guided into restorative yoga postures, fully supported with pillows, blankets and bolsters.   Remaining in the posture for some time will allow the body to open up and release tension.  While you're there a skilled Thai Massage Therapist will adjust and massage the subtle sen (energy) lines to help you relax further, while you are serenaded by beautiful music, poetry & affirmations and other readings to lift your mind & spirit.  Feel your body become like warm wax, melting away any stress and tension....a truly blissful experience.
All the conditions are set to help you let go of tension in the deepest areas of yourself, to breathe more fully and enter blissful states!

After the workshop enjoy our special homemade warm drinks and some time in the hot-tub.  Wear comfortable, layered clothing and leave all your cares at the door. Please register early as class size is limited.

  • FACILITATORS: Cedar Sorensen RYT (Registered Yoga Teacher & Yoga Therapist) & Kara Sorensen RMT (Registered Massage Therapist) 
  • DATES:          Wednesday, December 3rd, 7-9 pm

REGISTRATION:  Please call Atman Massage Clinic to register - 250-474-4622 & drop payment off at 4347 Metchosin Rd.   OR   go to:

Body & Soul Revival - Restorative Yoga, Live Music & Sufi Poetry

Cedar SorensonTreat yourself to a luxurious two hours to nourish body, mind & soul.  You’ll be guided into supported yoga stretches for the body while improvised flute, didgeridoo & gentle percussion music accompany beautiful sufi poetry readings. Lingerafterwards and enjoy a cup of homemade herbal chai and the amazing Weirs beach.  This workshop is not to be missed!

  • Facilitator: Cedar Sorenson                                                                        
  • Music:  Nowick Gray                                                                              
  • Date: Saturday November 1st, 2-4pm                                             
  • Investment:  $50

Registration:  To register please contact Cedar at Payment can be made by email transfer to or by cash or cheque.

Conscious Connected Breathwork with Live Music

Cedar SorensonBreathe your way to freedom, relaxation & peace.  This gentle yet powerful form of breathwork is a pain-free way to release trauma & stress from all levels of the being.  Find a greater sense of comfort & ease in yourself as well as a greater connection to spirit.  You’ll be guided in a safe & supportive way into the breath technique and supported with live music (flute, didgeridoo, percussion), affirmations & loving kindness.
  • Facilitator: Cedar Sorenson                                                            
  • Music:  Nowick Gray                                                                            
  • Date: Saturday November 15th, 2-5pm                                      
  • Investment:  $45

Registration:  To register please contact Cedar at Payment can be made by email transfer to or by cash or cheque.

Kundalini Yoga and Holistic Nutrition Workshop: Upgrade your Operating System for the 21st Century

Zen Holistic NutritionJoin Elissa Michaud, certified Kundalini Yoga Instructor and Holistic Nutritionist, of Zen Holistic Nutrition for a dynamic, 3 hour workshop. You will learn how to apply powerful yoga techniques and results-based nutrition for the care of, health and balance of your endocrine system including the glands, organs, hormones and chakras. You will learn how programmed nutrition affects the output and delicate balance of this system.

Bring your body's nervous system into balance and simple tools to keep it in a peace based state and out of fight or flight for maximum healing and renewal 24 hours a day. Now's the time to upgrade your nervous system to meet the physical, emotional, energetic and environmental demands of our time.  Come away empowered with knowledge and confidence.

  • Date: TBA                                                                                                     
  • Investment:  $55

Registration: or call 250-891-8300 For more info on the class go to