What Are the Best Sustainable Fashion Magazines for Eco-Conscious Professionals?

In a world overwhelmed by environmental challenges, it’s essential for the fashion industry to take a step back and realign its operations with an eco-conscious mindset. The fashion industry, known for its glitz and glamour, is also notorious for its significant contribution to environmental degradation. Consequently, the call for a sustainable transition in fashion has intensified over the years.

With the growing interest in sustainable living, new fashion platforms have emerged, focusing on eco-fashion, ethical sourcing, and sustainability. Avid readers and industry professionals are now turning to these sustainable fashion magazines for the latest trends, insights, and green living tips. They provide a wealth of information, helping readers make more informed, ethical, and eco-friendly fashion choices. But what are the best sustainable fashion magazines for eco-conscious professionals? Let’s dive in and explore.

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Resurgence & Ecologist

Resurgence & Ecologist is not a typical fashion magazine. It’s an environmental and social justice publication that covers a broad array of topics. However, it has a dedicated section for sustainable fashion, offering thought-provoking articles on ethical brands, eco-friendly materials, and the latest sustainable fashion trends.

This magazine bridges the gap between fashion and environmental consciousness, demonstrating how the two can coexist harmoniously. It’s an excellent resource for professionals seeking to integrate sustainability into their fashion choices and lifestyle.

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Eluxe Magazine

Eluxe Magazine is the first publication of its kind to focus on luxury and sustainability. This green-friendly lifestyle magazine is geared towards eco-conscious professionals who do not want to give up their love for high-end fashion.

Eluxe Magazine offers an array of content that covers eco-beauty, green design, ethical fashion, and sustainable travel. With its sophisticated and stylish aesthetic, the magazine proves that being conscious of the environment doesn’t mean sacrificing style.

Peppermint Magazine

Peppermint Magazine is an Australian publication that offers a refreshing perspective on eco-fashion. It is a staple in the sustainable fashion community, promoting brands that prioritize ethical practices and environmental sustainability.

Their content ranges from thought pieces on the fashion industry’s responsibility towards the environment to features on sustainable brands. It’s a must-read for professionals interested in the intersection of fashion, sustainability, and ethical business practices.

Ethical Style Journal

Ethical Style Journal is dedicated to promoting ethical fashion. The magazine stands out for its commitment to highlighting brands that operate transparently, treat their workers fairly, and use sustainable materials.

It is an ideal resource for professionals in the fashion industry who are interested in ethical sourcing and want to align their work or business practices with their values. The journal also provides practical style tips, proving that ethical fashion can be chic and stylish.

RSS (Really Simple Syndication) Feeds and Email Subscriptions

In the digital age, staying updated with your favorite sustainable fashion magazines has never been easier. Most, if not all, of these magazines offer RSS feeds and email subscriptions.

You can subscribe to these services to receive the latest articles and updates directly in your inbox or feed reader. This way, you’ll never miss out on the latest news and insights in the world of sustainable fashion.

Remember, embracing a more sustainable and ethical approach to fashion isn’t just about changing your shopping habits. It’s about changing your mindset and lifestyle. It’s about being more conscious of the impact your actions have on the environment and choosing to make a positive difference.

By reading sustainable fashion magazines, you can stay informed, get inspired, and discover new ways to incorporate sustainability into your professional life. You’ll also join a growing community of eco-conscious individuals who are reshaping the fashion industry for the better. The journey towards a more sustainable and ethical fashion industry begins with you. So, make sure to pick up a copy of these magazines, subscribe to their feeds or send them an email to stay connected.

So, what are you waiting for? Dive into the world of sustainable fashion and discover what’s possible when fashion and sustainability come together.

The Green Hub

Based in Australia, The Green Hub has become a prominent platform for advocating for sustainable living and slow fashion. The magazine’s ethos is rooted in the belief that small changes can lead to significant shifts in the fashion industry. It amplifies the voices of ethical brands, environmental activists, and sustainability thought leaders.

The Green Hub is more than a magazine. It’s a platform that empowers readers with tools and resources to make more sustainable choices, whether it’s about fashion, beauty, or lifestyle. It offers a comprehensive guide to ethical and sustainable brands, making it easier for readers to switch to green alternatives.

Through their edifying articles, interviews, and brand profiles, The Green Hub paints a realistic picture of the current state of the fashion industry and the steps needed towards a more sustainable future. The magazine also celebrates the stories of brands and individuals who are driving positive change in the industry, thereby inspiring their readers to do the same.

By subscribing to their RSS posts or providing your email contact, you can get the latest updates on ethical fashion, environmental news, and sustainable lifestyle tips.

Selva Beat

Selva Beat is an independent, online magazine that addresses sustainable living and environmental conservation through the lens of fashion and lifestyle. It’s a unique platform that explores the intersection of fashion, environmentalism, and intersectionality.

The magazine is committed to dismantling fast fashion and promoting a slower, more sustainable alternative. Through engaging articles and thought-provoking visuals, Selva Beat encourages its readers to think critically about their consumption habits and their impact on the environment.

One distinctive feature about Selva Beat is its commitment to palm oil-free advocacy. The magazine highlights the environmental implications of palm oil production and promotes palm oil-free alternatives in fashion, beauty, and food.

As an online magazine, Selva Beat offers RSS posts subscriptions and month email updates, ensuring that you stay updated on the latest in sustainable fashion.


As the fashion industry grapples with its environmental impact, sustainable fashion magazines have become instrumental in driving the shift towards eco-friendly, ethical fashion. They are educating, inspiring, and equipping professionals and consumers alike to make more conscious choices and contribute to a more sustainable future.

Whether through RSS posts, week or quarter email updates, these magazines consistently deliver valuable content right to your inbox or RSS feed reader. They not only provide insights into sustainable and ethical brands but also offer practical tips on incorporating sustainability into your lifestyle.

In conclusion, sustainable fashion magazines are more than just publications; they are catalysts for change, challenging the status quo, and paving the way for a more sustainable and ethical fashion industry. If you’re a professional looking to understand and contribute to this shift, subscribing to these magazines is an excellent place to start. Remember, every step towards becoming more eco-conscious counts, and these magazines are here to guide and inspire you on your journey.