Take Your Beach Day from Okay to Epic!

Are you looking for some fun in the sun this summer? The beach is the perfect place to spend the day with sun, water, snacks, and games! Whether you love splashing in the water or basking in the warm summer sun on the sand, the beach is where great summer memories are made.

Here are 14 great ways to have fun at the beach!

Sandy Fun

1. Build Sand Castles

This classic stands the test of time. Grab your shovels and pails to build a sand castle, fort, village, or city. You can use almost any empty container so you can be as creative as you like with different shapes and textures. What unique features can you come up with?

2. Build a Sandman

The sand is great for building things! Instead of a snowman, build a sandman. Or, if you are feeling ambitious, build a mob of sandmen. Rather than coal, carrots, and scarves, embrace the summer, beachy vibe and deck your creations out with shells, seaweed, and whatever else you can find.

3. Can You Dig It?

How deep can you dig that hole? Work together or have a competition to see who can build the biggest hole. After, have someone climb in and bury them from the neck down. This can make for some great pictures!


4. Tug of War

Tie some towels together or use skipping ropes. Arrange one team on one end of the rope while the other team holds onto the other end. This can either take place on the sand or along the water’s edge. You’ll want to mark the centre line, either by using a towel or drawing a line in the sand. The first team to step across the line loses. If you’re by the water, get ready to get wet!

5. Beach Tag

Tag is another classic! “It” can be either a shark or an octopus. When you get tagged that person either becomes the new “It” or they have to sit down and wait for someone to help them. When one of the not “Its” tags them, they are free to stand up again and run.

You can play another version where if the person is tagged they become seaweed and they are out for the game. In this version, they have to sit where they are tagged and try to tag the others as they run by. If someone gets tagged by the “seaweed” they become “seaweed” as well. Last one tagged is “It” for the next game.

6. Survivor

Divide your crew up into two teams. Ahead of time, you’ll need to come up with a list of challenges, for example, who can stand on one foot the longest in shallow water or bury a teammate in the sand the quickest.

Whichever team wins the most challenges wins bragging rights… Until next time!


7. Beach River Race

Build two trenches in the sand down to the water. Then, each team will choose an object to race down into the water. At the mark of go, each team will begin pouring water into their trenches to make a river. Each team will have to keep running back to the water to fill their pails. First person to get their object to the lake/ocean wins. You’ll have to be quick as the water flows fast.

8. Gun Fight

Give each competitor a water gun and a ping pong ball. Mark two lines in the sand: the starting line and the finish. Make sure the lake/ocean is an equal distance away for each person.

At the mark of go, each participant will start madly squirting their ball towards the finish line. When their guns are empty, they will have to race to the water to fill it back up. First one to get their ball to the finish line wins!

Remember, don’t litter. Collect your ping pong balls after the game and don’t leave them in the water.


9. Volleyball

You can either set up an actual volleyball net or grab some towels and other items to create the boundaries and centre line. If you don’t have a volley ball, a beach ball will work just fine. It’s more about having fun than making things official!

10. Mini Golf

You can either grab a set of plastic clubs from the dollar store or grab some sticks and pebbles from the beach. Dig a hole in the sand or aim at a target and see how close you can get. Note: beware of other people on the beach!

11. Beach Frisbee Golf

Grab your Frisbee and set up a target to aim at. Take turns seeing who can come the closest to the target. To keep things interesting, switch target locations after everyone has had a turn.


12. Limbo

With the soft sand to land on if you fall, limbo is a great activity to play at the beach. Grab a pool noodle, skipping rope, or anything you have on hand that can be used as a bar. Two people will hold each end and keep the bar at a steady height as people try to limbo under by leaning backwards and not touch the sand with any body part aside from their feet. After everyone has gone through, lower the bar and try again. Who can go the lowest without falling?

13. I Spy

Create a list of items beforehand, for example a seashell, seaweed, sea gull, sunglasses, and sandcastle. If the list is long, make sure each contestant has a bucket or bag to carry their items in or make it a picture hunt in which each team has a camera to take pictures of the items they find.

14. Fly a Kite

The beach can be a great place to fly a kite with the wind coming in off the ocean. If you’re more into watching and you’re in the Victoria area, grab the family and head to Beacon Hill Park on a windy day. Often, there are a number of people flying beautiful kites alongside the seagulls who love to play in the wind currents.

Around Victoria

Victoria is the perfect place to vacation if you love the beach. We have freshwater and ocean beaches galore! Once you’ve exhausted this list, don’t forget to check out the many whale watching tours that are offered or search for local marine life from a kayak!

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