Incorporate these three elements into your next retreat and achieve a solid return on your investment

A well-thought-out retreat can be a game changer for your team and business – encouraging cross-departmental collaboration, strengthening working relationships, inspiring new ideas and re-energizing your team around common goals. However, not all retreats achieve this level of success.

Without proper planning retreats can miss the mark – wasting time and money, or worse leaving your team more disconnected then before.

So, what are the key ingredients to a successful retreat? Business leaders who host regular retreats for their staff consistently point to three elements as being central to achieving positive results:

  1. Big Picture Sharing & Strategizing
  2. Feedback Gathering
  3. Bonding & Team Building

Whatever your goal in hosting a retreat – rewarding a team for a job well done, idea generation, or team training – these three elements can be incorporated to maximize impact.

1. Big Picture Sharing & Strategizing

Retreats are an ideal time to help your employees see the big picture. All too easily individual departments can become siloed off and inwardly focused. A retreat provides space to:

Share corporate vision and goals: Employees that understand and identify with your business’s vision and goals are motivated employees. Your team members are smart creative people. Give them an opportunity to share their feedback and strategize new ways to reach company goals.

Share profit and loss statements: If your team understands the numbers, they will be better able to identify inefficiencies and provide new ideas for cost streamlining.

Improve products and processes: Give your whole team a chance to learn about a fundamental aspect of your corporation and encourage inter-departmental brainstorming around ways to improve it. Or challenge your team to approach some aspect of your product in a new way. Retreats are a great time to think outside the box.

2. Feedback Gathering

Feedback gathering allows you to gain a clear picture of your corporate culture and employee satisfaction. In fact, just the process of thoughtful listening has been shown to increase employee satisfaction significantly.

People need to feel that they have a voice in order to stay engaged. Provide opportunities for positive acknowledgments of other team members. Strategize around ideas for improvement. Take notes on identified desires and motivators. Let your teams know that management is really listening.

3. Bonding & Team Building

Spark creativity and collaboration by fostering deeper relationships between team members. A unified team minimizes the drag caused by personal agendas and allows for greater productivity.

Shared learning is a great bonding catalyst. Provide opportunities for teams to learn a new skill or brainstorm together around a new goal. Shared meals and ice-breaker games are valuable tools to build and promote friendships. Personality tests, such as DISC or the Myers-Briggs Indicators, can be a fun way for co-workers to see each other in a new light and help improve communication within teams.

Allow for some leisure time as well. A retreat shouldn’t feel like just another day at the office.

Achieve Positive Results on Your Next Corporate Retreat

Corporate retreats can be a powerful tool for unifying and motivating teams – and provide new insights and strategies for your business along the way. Utilize the above key elements and your next retreat will yield a great return on your investment.

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