Enjoy These Beaches on the West Coast and South Vancouver Island

Victoria, BC is home to incredibly beautiful beaches and good size lakes attracting numerous water lovers and beach enthusiasts from around the world. Some say they are the best beaches in the world! You’ll have to decide on that for yourself.

Whether you are looking to surf, walk along the sandy beaches or enjoy the breathtaking ocean views, Victoria has an intriguing variety of beaches to choose from.

Esquimalt Lagoon Victoria, BC

Photo by Kevin Clark

Esquimalt Lagoon

Head out to the Esquimalt Lagoon, a perfect spot for the entire family. The kids will love the shallow waters and sandy beaches that are ideal for creating tide pools. This location is very unique as you can enjoy expansive ocean views on one side of the beach and sheltered lagoon on the other. It’s unlike anything you’ve probably seen. The lagoon is located 10 km West of Victoria. Many migratory birds stop at the site as they migrate along the Pacific Flyway. Besides bird watching, visitors enjoy the scenic backdrops of the Olympic Mountains to the south, sand castle building, and many other family friendly beach games.

Witty’s Lagoon

Located on the extensive Strait of Juan de Fuca in the Bilston Creek Watershed, Witty’s Lagoon is best known for its great variety of sea life. It is a favorite spot for many vacationing families due its sandy beach, forest trails and wildlife presence. With its shallow waters and moderately low swells, Witty’s Lagoon is the best place for skim boarding. In fact, this beach hosts multiple skim boarding competitions all year round. If you love sun, sand and swimming, the shallow beach provides a pleasurable experience.

Mystic Beach Victoria, BC by Robert Parry

Photo by Robert Parry

Mystic Beach

Embark on a scenic drive with friends and family along the West Coast of Vancouver Island. Next, take an exciting 30-minute hike from the parking area through the rainforest to the isolated Mystic Beach. One of the biggest draws of this spectacular beach are the sandstone cliffs that have natural waterfalls trickling down the beach at certain times of the year. It provides a diverse natural landscape that will put nature lovers in heavenly bliss. If you feel adventurous, there’s a rope swing on the rocky landscape.

China Beach

For the perfect day trip in Victoria, BC, head out to China Beach. It is a unique, natural beach with incredible scenic views of the spectacular Pacific coastline of the Strait of Juan de Fuca. The gentle sandy beach is ideal for picnicking, strolling, sunbathing, sand building and wading. It’s an interesting place to hang out with family and enjoy the calm and cool environment brought about by the surrounding forested areas. Many enjoyable activities will keep you actively entertained for the entire day including hiking, wild and sea life viewing as well as surfing.

Botanical Beach

Botanical Beach is at the west end of Juan de Fuca Park and is known for being one of the richest tidal areas on the West Coast. Experience the vibrant shorelines that feature some of the greatest geological features. The unique shoreline boasts of ridges of shale and quartz that jut up through black basalt for a fantastic view. While exploring, be careful of the massive tidal waves that hit the beach as they can pull an unsuspecting visitor, especially children, into the water. They are a spectacle to see though!

Iron Mine Bay Beach

Iron Mine Bay at East Sooke Park is a great place with excellent nature trails that lead you to the beach. You can enjoy the breathtaking views while relaxing on the beautiful sandy shores. Kids will love to explore the little tide pools and rocks, so be sure to bring the whole family.

Weir's Beach in Victoria, BC

Photo by Suzanne Sagmeister

Weir’s Beach

The endless views at Weir’s Beach make it a popular hangout spot for many tourists and locals in Victoria, BC. There is never a shortage of things to do from kayaking, hiking through the Galloping Goose Trail, or watching the sea creatures along the beautiful shore. The beach is ideal for strolling and provides an unforgettable therapeutic experience. Guests can play in the waves or engage in exciting water sports for an adventure like no other.

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