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Why You Should Start Staying at Bed & Breakfasts

Bed and Breakfasts (B&Bs) offer a great alternative to the traditional hotel, especially for those looking for a relaxing escape. Guests always get a private bedroom that is cozy, warm, and uniquely decorated. Not too mention, your B&B will likely beat that pricey hotel.

If you are scheduling a trip as a couple, family, or with friends, take note of these 7 great reasons to love your B&B!

1. Enjoy better rates

Research shows that average prices of B&Bs are less than hotels. This is because hotels typically charge for amenities such as parking and in-room Wi-Fi, which you will usually get for free in a B&B.

2. Enjoy great views

Most B&Bs are located in unique areas like oceanfront, country-side, and embedded inside luscious gardens. There, you can often take nice photos of local life – beautiful scenery you’ll never find in traditional hotels.

3. Enjoy a great romantic getaway

B&B is quite popular for couples. Stay in or purchase a special romantic package. B&Bs are quiet and private, encouraging you to connect with your special someone.

4. Benefit from unbeatable service

In a traditional hotel, you’re one among many, and sometimes hard to be noticed. A B&B ensures that everyone who comes through their door gets treated to the fullest. You are considered a part of the small family, where you get to enjoy the special attention in a cozy atmosphere and unique settings. Better yet, they still provide you with WiFi, Cable TV, phone services and more at no extra charges.

5. B&BS are serene and less crowded

If you love a tranquil and quiet weekend, a B&B is the ideal option. Most facilities only have 4-10 cozy rooms. That means fewer guests and a host that can pay close attention to your needs.

6. B&Bs can help you go local!

B&Bs are typically established and run by locals who are familiar with the area and can thus offer smart tips on activities and places you can visit. Even better, the locations are rooted in the local society, which means you have a chance to interact with the local culture and traditions.

7. Top security

One of the major rewards of staying in a B&B is security. Since there is less traffic, B&B owners tend to keep a much better eye on the facility than in a typical hotel. You won’t need to worry about other guests partying or ruining your quiet evening.

The Lodge at Weir’s Beach

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Enjoy the high level of comfort, intimacy, charm, and beauty that will make you feel so relaxed. Check out their rooms and book your stay today.

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