How Can You Maximize Your Beach-Time Fun?

Do you seek out beaches for rest and relaxation? Or are you one of those people who likes to stay occupied on the beach?

If you enjoy a fun beach activity (or your family just won’t let you sunbathe) then it’s handy to have a few games and activities up your sleeve. That’s why we’re giving you some beach games to try this summer. We’ve included ideas to try for individuals, couples, families, and groups!

Don’t hesitate to try you mettle right here on Weir’s Beach in Victoria, BC. I may be biased, but it’s an excellent location for every one of these games.

Some Great Beach Games


Beach-combing remains one of the best past-times for beach-goers. After all, beaches are often filled with interesting items, with things ranging from sea shells to antiques washed ashore. If you have a fondness for interesting items and treasure seeking, you might want to spend some time looking through the beach as well as the inter-tidal zone to see what you can turn up.

This activity is great for individuals, couples, or the whole family.


It is very easy to set up a makeshift football field on the beach. Better still, you should be able to tailor the rules to suit your personal preferences as well as the environment that you are about to play in with no more than a few minutes of discussion with your fellow players.

Keep in mind others at the beach though. You don’t want to accidentally hit another beach goer. Some Nerf footballs come with a whistle (as it flies through the air) and are quite soft on impact. Otherwise, get your team together and have some fun!

This game is great for families and groups.

Kite Flying

The beaches on the Pacific coast are perfect for Kite flying. Usually there is a nice steady wind to keep your kites afloat. This is a relaxing pastime that most people don’t get much chance to indulge in when they live in the cities.

This activity is great for individuals and families.


Sand is a lot softer than most flooring, which is why beaches are a great place to play limbo. Moreover, setting up a game of limbo is as simple as finding some driftwood, or bringing a pool noodle or length of rope. You can easily makeshift some rocks or wood to hold your limbo stick if you don’t have enough people.

This activity is great for couples, families, and groups.

Sandcastle Building

Many beaches are filled with sand as well as interesting items that can be used to build sandcastles as well as embellish them. If you are interested, you can go about sandcastle building in a couple of ways. For example, you could compete with your friends and family members to see which of you can build the best sandcastle, which could spur you on to greater heights with some friendly competition. However, you could also see what you and your friends and family members could build together because people are capable of amazing things when working in teams. No matter what, building something from nothing will fill you with a sense of satisfaction.

This activity is great for individuals, couples, and families.


Tag is a classic, but when playing tag on the beach, it might be a good idea to go with an oceanic theme. One example would be “Sharks and Minnows,” which is when one player starts out as a Shark responsible for chasing the Minnows but will turn Minnows into Sharks whenever they catch them. Another example would be “Seaweed,” which is when people who have been caught will freeze in place and become Seaweed seeking to tag those who are still in play from that position. Tag has a lot of variations, which can offer a surprising amount of fun.

This game is great for families and groups.

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