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What is the Difference Between a Bed and Breakfast & an Airbnb?

Is Airbnb really all it’s made out to be? One of the best things about traveling is staying in new and exciting places. There are so many options – motels, hotels, or a bed and breakfast – but now contemporary trends in the accommodations industry have travelers opting for services like Airbnb for their lodging. Which raises the question are you really getting the best stay for your money?

Take some time to understand the many differences between an Airbnb and a traditional bed and breakfast before booking your next stay. Here is a quick breakdown of some notable differences between the two.

1. Questionable Accommodations

When you book a room with a bed and breakfast you will always get top notch guest services, an establishment with cleanliness standards, and a unique home in which to stay. When you show up to an Airbnb you can’t be too sure what you are in for. Cleanliness is always suspect because you don’t know if things were properly cleaned (or at all) after the last guest. Most of the time guest services are non-existent and you’ll have little recourse for anything that needs immediate attention.

Many Airbnb are not even checked between stays. Owners could be in a different country altogether. This puts you on the hook to do the cleaning, laundry, and maintenance. Not doing so could result in financial penalties.

2. Pricing

Beware of the prices shown on Airbnb. You often do not pay the list price shown on the site. It is common for travelers to search for rooms on Airbnb, choose a room based on the list price shown, and have the price increase upon booking. This is often because of additional, unpublished, fees guests pay to Airbnb and the host.

Surprise price changes are not something you’ll experience with a traditional bed and breakfast. There are no hidden fees when you book with a bed and breakfast. The nightly rate you see posted is what you pay.

3. Hospitality

At a bed and breakfast, you will find smiling hosts waiting to greet you and staff members to show you the premises. A bed and breakfast will pay more attention to detail and be more attentive to your needs. This definitely makes for a more pleasurable stay. Your host will be happy to give you tips on the local area too so that you get the most out of your trip.

This is quite the contrast at an Airbnb. First and foremost: you let yourself in. Often, you will have to find your way with bare minimum instructions. You have no idea if the rental will look like the photos or if it will even come furnished – is this worth the risk?

4. Meals

Most bed and breakfast locations will offer some sort of breakfast service – sometimes for an added fee. Given that breakfast is clearly something they specialize in it is usually so delicious it will be worth it.

Breakfast isn’t even an option to be considered at an Airbnb. You’ll have to supply your own food. And cook it yourself too.

5. Space

Bed and breakfasts are designed to feel like a home away from home. Spacious bedrooms, ample closet space, and some even have fireplaces and hot tubs. When you arrive at an Airbnb, again, you’re playing a guessing game. Will it be spacious? Will there be closets? And will those closets be so full of their belongings you’re left no place to hang your clothes? These are questions you must be prepared to leave unanswered when you make the choice to lodge at an Airbnb.

6. Maintenance and Safety

A traditional bed and breakfast like The Lodge at Weir’s Beach will always offer top quality lodging. Issues that arise involving any appliances or fixtures are handled promptly and you won’t get charged for it (unless you really are at fault!). Guests safety is always a top priority.

In contrast, Airbnb hosts tend to charge the guest for any maintenance issues that occur during their stay. This means if you arrive to a broken shower knob be prepared to call for a local handyman and then pay them out of your pocket to repair it. Even when customers dispute maintenance charges by hosts to Airbnb the company has been known to side with the host.

7. Licensed Facilities

When you step foot into a bed and breakfast you are entering a licensed professional facility. They have rules and regulations to follow. Their business is above-board and certified by municipal inspectors.

This is not the case with an Airbnb and guests should take that into account. When you book with Airbnb, you are speaking to a homeowner who didn’t go through licensing and health inspections. Airbnb properties skip all these rules and regulations.

Insurance, health, and fire inspections, paying local lodging and sales taxes are all things that a professional bed and breakfast – like The Lodge at Weir’s Beach – is expected to do to remain operating in the industry.

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