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Which is Better?

The next time you head out on vacation, will you book a hotel room or a bed and breakfast?

You may be surprised to hear about all the differences between a hotel and B&B. It’s worth a few moments for you to consider the advantages and disadvantages of each type of accommodation. Your next vacation will thank you for it!

The Bed and Breakfast vs. Hotel Experience Breakdown

There’s a lot of features and amenities that go into your stay at a bed and breakfast or hotel. This handy table will help you determine what is important to you and which type of accommodation offers you a better experience… For you!

Budget Hotel Luxury Hotel Bed and Breakfast
Price $ $$$ – $$$$ $ – $$
Housekeeping Usually daily room cleaning. Daily room cleaning. Customizable to your preference.
Themed Rooms / Aesthetic Appeal Standard décor. Possibly aspects that are in need of repairs. Yes. Very well maintained rooms and property. Yes. Usually a very interesting and unique experience.
Location Wide range of locations. Could be in town, or out of town. Almost never in a premium location (such as ocean view). Excellently located near tourist attractions and transportation. Often in a premium location (such as ocean view). Wide range of locations. Often in a premium location. Usually the location will be part of your overall vacation experience.
Concierge A front desk person that may not be properly trained. Usually a card rack for area attractions. No booking service. Yes. You’ll get recommendations for the largest and most prominent attractions. Concierge will create bookings and reservations for you at additional cost. Yes. Often local and owner run, you’ll get insider knowledge of the area and personalized recommendations. Your host might help with bookings.
Privacy Private room and bathroom. Limited interaction with other guests. Private room and bathroom. Limited interaction with other guests. Private room. Sometimes you will have a shared bathroom. Casual interaction with other guests.
Breakfast Service Sometimes. It will be minimal if offered. Yes. Many luxury hotels pride themselves on their breakfast service boasting commercial chefs. A continental breakfast will be offered at minimum. Yes. Home cooked. You may incur additional charges for breakfast service, so be sure to inquire about what is included with your room charge.
Amenities Minimal. Additional charges may apply. Elaborate. Everything from drycleaning to in-room bar to pool and fitness centre. Additional charges may apply. Varied – ask your innkeeper about available amenities.
Check-In and Check-Out Times Set check-in/out times. Set check-in/out times. There may be some flexibility upon request and for additional charge. Flexible check-in/out times. Times are agreed upon prior to arriving.
Parking Yes. Usually an additional charge. Yes. There might be an additional charge. Yes. Free parking is commonly provided.
Cancellation Policy 24 – 48 hours minimum. Credit card required to secure room booking. Ranges quite a bit depending on the hotel or resort. 24 hours to 1 week. Credit card and room deposit required for booking. 2 weeks to a month usually. Cancellations impact B&B’s quite a bit because they are smaller and each room is unique. Room deposit required. Minimum # of nights stay sometimes required as well.

Bed and Breakfast Offers Luxury Travel at Affordable Rates

While there’s no question that hotels offer a consistent and well-polished experience, in doing so, they lose out on the uniqueness and flexibility your B&B offers. The best part of all this luxury at a bed and breakfast is that it won’t set your pocket book back nearly as much as a luxury hotel!

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