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Great Weather, in the Winter, in Canada!?

We’ve just passed the shortest day of the year and summer seems like a distant memory. But you don’t need to be trapped indoors. Did you know that Victoria, BC, while beautiful in the summer, is a treasure trove in the winter?

Most people avoid the off-season in Canada erroneously thinking that the weather will be crummy or they’re afraid the tourist attractions will be closed, but they’re actually missing out.

Victoria, BC is the perfect place to visit in the winter. Here are just a few reasons why:

Travel Just Became More Affordable

Just think, because it’s the off-season, less people are travelling so there will be more availability on flights. This means you will probably be able to get cheaper rates. And less people on the flight also means you aren’t crammed in like sardines. You might even find that you have a bit of legroom!

If you decide to come by ferry, you can skip the long waits. Less people means shorter line-ups and more room on the ferry as well.

Not to mention, Victoria is known for cheaper gas in the winter months so if you’re driving here or renting a car, you’ll be able to go farther on less money.

Then when you get here, many accommodations have reduced winter rates, so you’ll be able to stay longer or use that extra money to go on more adventures while you’re here.

Less Crowded

Along the same lines as cheaper flights, those long lines and crowded venues are a thing of the past. During the down season you can enjoy walking around Butchart Gardens without feeling like you’re tripping over people and exploring downtown and Beacon Hill Park without getting lost in the crowds.

You have more flexibility to book a whale watching tour or carriage ride without worrying that everything will be filled up.

Really take in your surroundings without being jostled from one spot to the next. Not to mention, taking pictures is a lot easier when you don’t have a line of people walking in front of you.

Friendly Locals and Fellow Travellers

If you’re feeling better with more space to breathe, you can bet the locals and your fellow travellers are feeling the same way! Crowds have a way of making everyone cranky. Travel in the off-season and you’ll notice everyone is feeling a bit friendlier.

Not to mention, when the local merchants and service staff at tourist attractions aren’t run off their feet, they’ll have more time to spend on you!

The Weather

Bet you thought this was going to be a deterrent, but the off-season in Victoria actually brings in some spectacular storms.

As you watch the churning sea slam the shore in a torrent of waves and listen to the wind howl, you’ll want to make this an annual tradition.

And 2017 is supposed to be a great year for storms. According to the Farmers’ Almanac, “This winter will bring an active storm track from the Pacific, which will deliver a dose of turbulent weather.”

If you don’t like the sound of storms, remember we’re not talking about hurricanes here. Nor are the storms constant. Victoria’s winter and spring are actually very mild. It’s just enough to enjoy without danger. Plus, you won’t even come close to experiencing the biting cold the rest of Canada is known for.

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With beach-front windows and fireplaces, the Lodge at Weir’s Beach is the perfect place to snuggle up and enjoy the storm. Then on calm evenings, there’s an outdoor hot tub where you can take in the beauty of the sea from the warmth of the patio.

And remember those cheaper winter rates? The Lodge at Weir’s Beach is offering a 15% rate reduction during the off-season if you mention this code – “Winter 17”. With affordable flights, affordable gas, and affordable accommodation, you’ll be able to embrace ocean-front living for twice as long!

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