The Benefits of Off-Season Travelling

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Great Weather, in the Winter, in Canada!?

We’ve just passed the shortest day of the year and summer seems like a distant memory. But you don’t need to be trapped indoors. Did you know that Victoria, BC, while beautiful in the summer, is a treasure trove in the winter?

Most people avoid the off-season in Canada erroneously thinking that the weather will be crummy or they’re afraid the tourist attractions will be closed, but they’re actually missing out.

Victoria, BC is the perfect place to visit in the winter. Here are just a few reasons why:

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Why Stay at a Bed and Breakfast?

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An Experience Like No Other

If you’ve never stayed at a Bed and Breakfast, then you are missing out! According to the Federation of Ontario Bed and Breakfast, the number one reason people choose a B&B is the experience. From their location and individual character to the personal attention you’ll receive, staying at a B&B will be the highlight of your vacation.

B&B’s can be found all over. In Cuba they are referred to as Casa Particular, while in Germany and Austria they are called a Zimmer Frei, Privatzimmer, or Gästezimmer. France has chambres d’hôte, Hungarians have what’s referred to as Panziό or Szállό, and in Israel they go by zimmer. In Scandinavia they’re called a rom or hus um, and in Denmark they go by a værelser.

While B&B’s vary greatly throughout the world, in North America you can usually depend on a few key elements.

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What To Do in Victoria, BC for Christmas [2016]

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West Coast Winter Fun for All Ages

** Stay Up to Date! Check out the Things to Do in Victoria, BC for Christmas 2018 Edition. **

View the 2018 Victoria, BC Christmas Guide



With its temperate winters, Victoria, BC on Vancouver Island is a premiere Canadian destination over the holiday season. It offers many classic Winter-time Canadian traditions without the biting cold.

Take in two outdoor skating rinks (one at The Butchart Gardens and one at Langford City Centre Park), a multitude of craft and artisan fairs, performances, and festivals. Victoria doesn’t skimp when it comes to Christmas. The evenings are a great time to tour the city for epic Christmas displays with lights, decorations, life-sized characters, and music.

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Beachcombing: The Epic Treasure Hunt

Getting Started with Beachcombing

For centuries, people have scoured the earth’s beaches in a never-ending scavenger hunt. Nowadays, novices and experts alike continue this tradition. Some search for natural objects such as fossils, shells and sea glass. Others bring cameras to snap pictures of the various sea creatures they spot caught in tide pools during low tide. Still others take advantage of technology and with metal detectors they scour the sand for dropped coins, lost rings, and other trinkets and novelties buried or washed ashore. Whatever your quest, here are a few tips to get you started.

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Things to do in Victoria, BC this Fall (2016)

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Unique Autumn Activities in Victoria this Year

The fall is one of the best times to visit Victoria, BC when the lavish rain forests explodes in a spectacle of colour. You can enjoy the numerous hiking trails or take in Victoria’s rich history by visiting the myriad of historical sites from Craigdarroch Castle to the Parliament Buildings. If you go downtown, don’t forget to check out the many unique shops on Government St. or explore Canada’s oldest China Town. But more than that, Victoria has some great events happening this fall.

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7 Best Beaches to Visit in Victoria, BC

Enjoy These Beaches on the West Coast and South Vancouver Island

Victoria, BC is home to incredibly beautiful beaches and good size lakes attracting numerous water lovers and beach enthusiasts from around the world. Some say they are the best beaches in the world! You’ll have to decide on that for yourself.

Whether you are looking to surf, walk along the sandy beaches or enjoy the breathtaking ocean views, Victoria has an intriguing variety of beaches to choose from.

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Bed and Breakfast vs. Hotels

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Which is Better?

The next time you head out on vacation, will you book a hotel room or a bed and breakfast?

You may be surprised to hear about all the differences between a hotel and B&B. It’s worth a few moments for you to consider the advantages and disadvantages of each type of accommodation. Your next vacation will thank you for it!

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Things to Do and Places to See in Victoria, BC

Plan the Perfect Vacation with the Best Victoria has to Offer

Let’s make your next vacation an unforgettable adventure. Victoria, BC on Vancouver Island is regularly ranked one of the top destinations to visit in the world. The friendly population and abundance of things to experience has charmed tourists for over a hundred years.

Exploring Victoria is easy. Walk, bike, bus, or drive – you will not have any trouble moving about the region. So pick the pace that suits you and let’s get going!

Here’s your guidebook to the places you must visit and the things you have to try in Victoria, BC.

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How to Spot a Great Bed and Breakfast Vacation Rental

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Never Stay at an Awful Bed and Breakfast Again

You’ve probably heard the horror story of a traveler arriving at their vacation rental only to find it was not as advertised. Their whole vacation turns into a nightmare.

Nobody wants to go through that.

It’s enough to turn people away from using a bed and breakfast. That is a great shame because a bed and breakfast can offer the perfect experience at a fraction of the cost of hotels.

How can you avoid landing yourself in a bad accommodation situation?

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The Benefits of a Bed and Breakfast

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4 Great Reasons Your Next Vacation Will Be At a Bed and Breakfast

Deck Chairs Overlooking the Beach at the Lodge in Victoria, BCIf you’re tired of all the hustle and hubbub, what about kicking back and relaxing? Settling into a hot tub and eating a great meal? Exploring a unique and fascinating town? How about relaxing at the beach or perusing through nature?

Isn’t it about time you took a vacation? You might just find the relaxation, excitement, AND afforability by staying at a Bed and Breakfast. For reasons I can’t imagine, travellers often overlook staying at a bed and breakfast vacation rental.

In this article, I’ll highlight several key benefits that make staying at a bed and breakfast the best travel decision you could make this year.

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