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The Lodge at Weir’s Beach Installs Solar Panels and EV Charging Stations

Living on the Pacific Ocean coast, surrounded by our temperate rainforest, we’ve come to appreciate our environment. Additionally, fossil fuel costs continue to rise leaving many people asking, “isn’t there a better way?”

The Lodge at Weir’s Beach is proud to announce that we are going green! With the help of partners like Tesla Motors and Power to the People, we have installed solar panels and EV Charging stations on site.

Solar Panels – Generating More Energy Than Consumed

IMG_4175At the end of July 2015, 12 solar panels were installed on the roof of The Lodge at Weir’s Beach. Within moments of the solar panels being hooked up to the power grid, our energy meter started running backwards!

By October 2011, 677 kWh had been generated. That’s enough energy to power a refrigerator for over 423 days.

You can rest easy knowing that the energy used to power your stay is renewable. Also, you will not see unsightly solar panels blocking your stunning ocean views.

Many thanks to Power to the People for the professional solar panel installation. Mike is a pleasure to work with and made sure everything went smoothly.

EV Charging Stations – Free Electric Vehicle Charging

IMG_4191tesla chargerIf you already have your own electric vehicle, consider bringing it on vacation with you since charging it is complimentary when you stay at The Lodge at Weir’s Beach!

There are 2 EV Charging Stations available at The Lodge at Weir’s Beach:

  • Level 2 Standard System; and
  • Tesla System.

As part of going green, the company vehicle at The Lodge at Weir’s Beach is 100% electric. We LOVE it!

These EV charging stations would not be possible without Tesla Motors. They generously donated and installed both of the chargers.

Enjoy the full amenities you’ve come to expect from

The Lodge at Weir’s Beach, now powered by renewable

solar energy. We look forward to seeing you!