Create a package to meet the needs of your group

To create a workshop unique to your group and agenda, book the right accommodations and add activities of your choice.  Enhance your productivity by leaving meal preparation in the hands of your personal chef. At the Lodge at Weir’s Beach, your corporate retreat package will seamlessly combine ideal work productivity with highlighted mental and physical wellness.

“Trek & Meet Retreats” in Metchosin, BC

Trek & Treats - Bike at the Beach

The Lodge at Weir’s Beach collaborates with Trek & Treats to offer you healthy and productive one-day or multi-day retreats and restorative getaways for conference delegates and guests. Pick your combination of active recreation along with delicious, healthful food in a high end, yet comfortable setting.  Make the most of your West Coast experience!

Activities to choose from:

  • Hiking to Metchosin: Start out on the right foot by beginning your retreat with a hike to the lodge.
  • Hiking break: As a perfect way to break up the day, enjoy 1 – 3 hour walks and enjoy the diverse countryside, or hike into Metchosin for 3 – 4 hours (9km) with a stop for refreshments or lunch.
  • Geocaching: The real-world treasure hunt, Geocatching, is the perfect way to add fun and purpose to your hikes.Geocaching in the West Coast Rainforest
  • Cycling to Metchosin: Enjoy perhaps the most fun and healthy way to get around, by biking from the lodge to Victoria.
  • Cycling breaks: Let us arrange your bicycle rental and you’ll experience a break from work like never before; break up your workday with a fun and refreshing spin through the rainforest.
  • Kayaking: Plan a guided kayaking trip for your group. This is the perfect teambuilding activity as well as a great way to round off your time on the West Coast.
  • Yoga: Start or end your day by taking the time to realign and let the stress and pressure drain from your mind. Take part in an early morning ‘flow’ class to ground and energize for the day ahead, or in an evening class to relax and restore from a long day – the choice is yours!


 “Good for you Gourmet” Whole Foods Catering and Personal Chef Services

Good For You Gourmet

The Lodge at Weir’s Beach has joined forces with Good For You Gourmet to offer amazing meal plan options for your retreat.  When you choose Chef Laura as your personal chef, you will be able to design your meals from a wide range of options from the GFYG Omnivore or Vegetarian Master Menus.  And, depending on your needs and the length of your retreat, you can also choose from the one day, two day or four-day catering plans. Regardless of the special needs found within your group, the meals during your stay with us will both complete your experience and enhance your health.

Contact Good For Your Gourmet directly to get their current retreat menus!

Chef Laura from Good for You GourmetThe Good For You Gourmet is Victoria’s first organic and whole foods personal chef and catering company. They prepare nutritious and delicious meals for our clients based on seasonal, local whole foods ingredients. Chef Laura’s expertise features primarily Ayurvedic, Okinawa and Mediterranean fare and is conscious of vegan, vegetarian and multiple allergy diets such as gluten-free for those with celiac disease.

Delicious Food Dish Prepared by Expert Chef

The food you consume should have a wealth of benefits for your body and mind. For this, we invite you to embrace gourmet, whole foods from the West Coast for the combination of wellness, flavor and presentation, by hiring a caterer or personal chef during your stay. View our personal chef packages, gift certificates and a sampling of menu items on our website, along with feedback from catering clients. Visit, or contact Chef Laura for a free consultation at 250.514.1544, or via email at