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Never Stay at an Awful Bed and Breakfast Again

You’ve probably heard the horror story of a traveler arriving at their vacation rental only to find it was not as advertised. Their whole vacation turns into a nightmare.

Nobody wants to go through that.

It’s enough to turn people away from using a bed and breakfast. That is a great shame because a bed and breakfast can offer the perfect experience at a fraction of the cost of hotels.

How can you avoid landing yourself in a bad accommodation situation?

Establish Trust

You can tell a lot about a person by just talking to them.

Online pictures and websites can be faked. Of course, these resources are important to review ahead of time. But if you are getting serious about a location, pick up the phone and talk to the innkeeper themselves.

Ask them questions about the place, their involvement in the operation, which amenities you’ll get, and whether they are available on-site for guests. The point is to get them talking about the details of the bed and breakfast rental.

Measure their excitement and the intricacies of their details.

You’ll learn quickly which innkeepers take pride in their rental… And which ones to avoid.

Do Your Homework Ahead of Time

It is absolutely critical that you consider the online ratings of a bed and breakfast. Most people who find a deal online will at least read the reviews on the travel deal website. That’s a mistake though.

You’ve got the name of the place. Go online to multiple sources like Facebook, TripAdvisor,, Google, Expedia, and Yelp.

You might be able to doctor up reviews on one website, but it’s not likely you can do it on all of them. Especially on websites like and Yelp that require some level of verification for the reviews to be published.

Use an Appropriate Payment Method

A reputable bed and breakfast will accept payment methods that protect you. Usually paying by credit card or debit is the safest possible route. Cash is fine once you’ve actually seen what you are purchasing, but not before.

Under no circumstance should you ever pay by bank transfer. Scammers particularly love the bank transfer method. Also, if someone asks you to pay or transfer via PayPal outside of the booking system, do not do it!

If you are booking through a travel deal website, be sure you understand their buyer protection policies.

Travel Insurance

It is always worth it to purchase travel insurance – especially for any trips out of country.

Check with your credit card, work, and memberships to see what kind of travel insurance benefits you already have. Then purchase insurance to cover the missing coverage.

This could include cancellation insurance. Just in case…

Getting More Out of Your Vacation Stay

The best bed and breakfasts will always enhance your vacation. It’s understandable that some people get anxious about a poor vacation rental experience. However, you’re missing out!

Follow the advice here and you’ll be taking luxury vacations at a lower cost – and with peace of mind.

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