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An Experience Like No Other

If you’ve never stayed at a Bed and Breakfast, then you are missing out! According to the Federation of Ontario Bed and Breakfast, the number one reason people choose a B&B is the experience. From their location and individual character to the personal attention you’ll receive, staying at a B&B will be the highlight of your vacation.

B&B’s can be found all over. In Cuba they are referred to as Casa Particular, while in Germany and Austria they are called a Zimmer Frei, Privatzimmer, or Gästezimmer. France has chambres d’hôte, Hungarians have what’s referred to as Panziό or Szállό, and in Israel they go by zimmer. In Scandinavia they’re called a rom or hus um, and in Denmark they go by a værelser.

While B&B’s vary greatly throughout the world, in North America you can usually depend on a few key elements.

So What Can You Expect at a Bed and Breakfast?

1. A Little Something Unique

While many hotels are carbon copy rooms and chains, most B&B’s have their own distinct flavour that sets them apart from the rest. From renovated train cars and wagons, to spherical pods hanging in treetops, there’s something for everyone. If you love the outdoors, you can stay in a teepee, or find a B&B surrounded by a forest or on the beach with ocean views. Some B&B’s offer theme rooms while others emphasize their location, whether they are close to wineries and festivals, or surrounded by lush walking trails. Whatever experience you’re looking for, chances are, there’s a B&B that provides it.

2. Personal Attention

Most B&B’s are actually run by the owners who are locals to the area and often reside on the premises. The benefit here is that they know the area and can recommend great places to visit or eat depending on what you’re looking for.

These hosts are excited to share their area with you. Unlike a hotel, which are often run by staff who this is just a job for them, B&B’s are run by owners who do this because they love it and have a stake in it. It’s not just a job for them, it’s a lifestyle.

3. Amenities

Yes, B&Bs can have a wide variety of amenities. It’s important to ask about the available amenities before you arrive – just so you know what to expect.

Each B&B will have their own special touches. There’s new surprises to discover at every B&B. Amenities will depend on the personality of those that run it. However, there are some consistencies. According to the Professional Association of Innkeepers, most B&B’s provide internet, magazines, hot/cold beverages, board games, refrigerator, newspapers, goodies like cookies or fruit, fresh flowers, and televisions.

The Lodge at Weir’s Beach Bed and Breakfast

At the Lodge at Weir’s Beach, you’ll also have access to a yoga studio/conference room, beachfront hot tub, and 2000sq/ft private deck with BBQ. There is also a fully equipped kitchen and both the dining and living room are outfitted with a fireplace. And each of the four separate suites comes with their own private baths and ocean views.

The Lodge at Weir’s Beach is located in rural Metchosin and is the perfect location for the escape you’ve been dreaming of. A quiet retreat, but still just 30 minutes away from beautiful, downtown Victoria.

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