A Destination Filled with Natural Beauty and Engaging Activities

Sooke, BC is a small town situated to the northwest of the much better known Victoria. But don’t let the words “small town” fool you, there are plenty of things to do in Sooke!

Many tourists miss this hidden gem. It just doesn’t have the tourism marketing dollars behind it to be promoted everywhere. However, take it from me – for the outdoor enthusiast, there’s nothing lacking in Sooke. It’s best known for it’s natural beauty and engaging activities. Located only 15 minutes from The Lodge at Weir’s Beach, it’s a great place to catch some outdoor activities or come to appreciate the true beauty of Western Canada.

Here are some of the best activities in Sooke, BC:

Adrena LINE Zipline Tours

Sooke is home to a vast rainforest that can be experienced through a wide range of ways. One of the most exciting is through a guided treetop canopy zipline tour. Glide over the natural forest and see the area from a fresh perspective. Not too mention the adrenaline rush for that thrill seeker inside you! All while benefiting from the knowledge of experienced tour guides who can help you get the most out of the experience.

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Hiking, Biking, and Horse Riding Trails

Of course, there are more sedate ways of experiencing British Columbia’s natural landscape as well. Something that is particularly true in Sooke, BC because it is close to a number of nature trails and wilderness parks. You can enjoy parks so beautiful you’ll want to move here immediately (seriously, it’s one of the most common comments we get at The Lodge – “I want to move here!”).

Take the trails and parks in on foot, bicycle, horse back, or even ATV. You can just pick a trail and tackle it on your own. Get a self-guided tour through the entire area from Freewheeling Adventures. Or, if you really want to see the best, hire a professional tour guide from Rainforest Tours.

Chartered Fishing

Sooke, BC’s motto is: “Where the rainforest meets the sea.” It’s truly a unique place where the natural beauty of the area literally carries right on into the Pacific Ocean. It’s a fisherman’s dream!

Get out there by chartering a sailboat or some other suitable vessel. In particular, the region is famous for salmon fishing, which is available year round.

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Sooke Region Museum

There is much more to Sooke, BC than meets the eye. It is a community with rich history and diverse cultures. The aboriginal people of the area have inhabited the land for thousands of years. It was a critical stop during the gold rush. Ancient ghosts even haunt the area. But we don’t want to spoil all it’s secrets…

There is a fair amount of information that can be found at the Sooke Region Museum for those who want to learn more about its past as well as how that connects to the present. Conveniently, the Sooke Region Museum hosts the official Visitor Centre, which is a great place to get inside information on the local area.

Whale Watching

Sooke is right along the migratory path of a number of rare whale species. There’s also a number of pods that live here year-round. These giants of the sea don’t mind coming to the surface and sight-seeing you!

Between March and October, thousands of transient whales will pass through the local waters, thus making for a spectacular sight. Not too mention the many resident whales that are present year round.

Fortunately, the local tourism industry is well-aware of this fact, which is why you can see the various whale species from your choice of boat, ship, and even seaplane. Something that enables you to customize your whale-watching experience for maximum satisfaction.

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Accommodations Near Sooke, BC

Now that you know about Sooke, BC you will definitely be visiting soon! We’d love to host you and help you get the most of the area. The Lodge at Weir’s Beach is a luxurious bed and breakfast that can be found 15 minutes from Sooke, BC and 30 minutes from Victoria, BC. With plenty of amenities, vast ocean front views, beach access, and a friendly host… You won’t want to leave!

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