The Gardens at the Lodge at Weir’s Beach

    A Peaceful and Nurturing Place

    The gardens reflect and complement the essence of the Lodge as a peaceful, beautiful sanctuary that promotes balance, harmony and healing. They provide food for body and soul, and invite visitors to relax, rejuvenate and reflect. A place for letting-go and grounding, amidst a sensual experience of sound, colour, scent, light and texture.

    A Restoration

    When the Lachmuth’s purchased the Lodge in 2007, there had been absentee ownership for several years. While the Lodge had been a popular vacation rental during that time, the gardens had been somewhat neglected and overgrown.

    The first winter was spent moving many shrubs out of overgrown areas, uncovering the original rock work, removing invasive species, and re-establishing beds and pathways. There were many happy discoveries, during what was mostly a lot of muddy, hard work! Besides many mature rhododendrons and two lovely yew hedges, one such discovery was two well-established Bottlebrush (Callistemon) specimens thriving on the exposed oceanfront. Fruit trees, herb garden and vegetable patch were planted, and a pond created.

    The Future Vision

    Work is now underway to further expand and develop a connected series of gardens and patio spaces that reflect the healing, reflective and celebratory nature of what guests do at the Lodge. Working with colour, texture, shape and scent, the intent is to create ever-changing, year-round seasonal interest. Winding paths lead guests though the landscape, and seating areas invite one to stop and reflect. Objects and art offer little touches of whimsy. The setting offers many wonderful views, that will be featured and enhanced by the garden development.

    Caring for the Natural World

    It’s ‘organic-only’ at the Lodge at Weirs Beach! The gardens are fed with seaweed, manure and compost and no herbicides or pesticides are used. Native plants are being reintroduced and invasive species removed. Care is taken to provide natural food sources and safe habitat for local birds, bees and butterflies – including the resident “Anna’s” hummingbirds.

    The Chakra Gardens

    Chakra’s are energy centres in the body. Each chakra is related to certain parts of the body and to certain aspects of our physical, spiritual and emotional development. Over the next two years, a series of gardens featuring the feelings, elements, colours, plants, words and symbols associated with each chakra will be developed. Visitors will be invited to sit and reflect on the particular chakra, and how it might be connected to where they are at in their lives.

    Watch for continuing development of these gardens, including a mediation space, more plantings in the varoius chakra colors, night lighting and small touches or artwork that instil Serenity, Peace and Bliss.

Special thanks go to:

Kate Irving, for her inspiration and ongoing support in designing & developing the gardens, and also describing them on this site!

Suzanne Stagmeister, for her beautiful photos of the gardens!

Anna, Cara and Bo, for all their artistic input & hard work in creating this beautiful and peaceful sanctuary!

Ohm Shanti