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Beaches You Can’t Miss While Visiting Victoria, BC

Vancouver Island has plenty of nature you can enjoy. The Island is covered in rainforest. Of course, being an island it is surrounded with natural beaches that have all you need for that idyllic and serene vacation you’ve always dreamed about.

In fact, there are so many surreal beaches on Vancouver Island, we’ve had to limit this article to just the southwestern portion of the island. This is the section around the BC capital of Victoria, BC. The following are 5 of the top beaches you can visit while you’re here!

Esquimalt Lagoon

The lagoon stands out for its unique geological and physical features that have made it a great home for birds and other wildlife. The area is a favorite place for locals and tourists as well. On one end, it offers excellent views of the vast Pacific Ocean and snowcapped Olympic Mountains grace the horizon. On the other end, the city of Victoria peeks out and the Fisgard Lighthouse adds to the pleasant view. Behind you, you’ll behold one of BC’s historical castles (Hatley Castle) and a charming lagoon filled with wildlife.

The lagoon is a crucial stopover for birds in their migration between North and South America. It is among the seven sanctuaries in British Columbia for migrating birds. The lagoon attracts thousands of people who come to watch the birds.

Apart from bird watching, the lagoon attracts visitors for other activities like scuba diving, kayaking, beach walking, sunbathing, or just splashing in the ocean water.

Sombrio Beach

Sombrio Beach is about a two-hour drive from Victoria BC, and 20 minutes from Port Renfrew. The beach is a wilderness trail that stretches for 47 kilometers along the western shoreline. Sombrio is located on the Juan de Fuca Marine Trail, and it is a popular camping site. The beach has rocky and sandy patches making it ideal for a variety of activities.

You’ll find excellent surfing opportunities. Windsurfing is a favorite activity for people who visit the area. The beach is popular with campers, and it has two sites used for this purpose located in east and west ends of the beach. Apart from camping and surfing, the beach is also great for relaxing in the sun either on the rocks or the sand where one can enjoy the great views of the Olympic Peninsula.

The entire Juan de Fuca Trail is excellent for hiking expeditions with its magnificent coastal forest. The trail is great for hikers who want a rewarding (but challenging) hiking opportunity. During the summer, swimming in the clear warm water is an attraction for many people. The beach also has some wildlife and sea animals to watch. Visitors to the beach have viewed Killer Whales and Grey Whales. Grey Whales go by the beach during their migration from the Mexican coast to Alaska in March and April. The area is home to bears and other wild animals, so it is advisable to take the necessary precautions.

Witty’s Lagoon

The lagoon is an attractive site for families looking for outdoor activities. The beach has a low tide which creates dunes in the shallow water that people can walk in. Apart from splashing in the tide pools, the lagoon is also ideal for bird watching. The birds come to the lagoon to find shelter and food. The Sitting Lady Falls is one of the main views of the lagoon.

Most people visit the lagoon in summer as it provides a variety of activities for everyone in the family. Skim boarding is another common activity in the lagoon. Although people visit the lagoon during other seasons, it is most active during the warm weather.

French Beach

French Beach is part of the scenic Juan de Fuca Trail. The lush natural forests surrounding the beach make it perfect for hiking. The sand and pebbles on the beach are ideal for picnics. Visitors to the beach can enjoy the magnificent views of the Olympic Mountains and the Strait of Juan de Fuca.

The beach is on the migration route of the Grey Whales which pass here in spring as they travel seeking feeding grounds and in fall on the way back. Resident Killer Whales are also visible here as well as seals, sea lions, and otters. The beach is also home for ospreys, bald eagles, and other seabirds. The beach experiences strong tides, and thus activities such as kayaking and surfing are discouraged. However, the strong winds make the beach a kite flyers dream.

Weir’s Beach

Weir’s Beach is part of the scenic west coast of Vancouver Island. The beach is an ideal attraction for people and their families. You can find various activities for adults and children to make your visit worthwhile. During summer, you can sit on the sandy beach and enjoy the warm sun while viewing Mt. Baker. Sunrises are a beautiful sight to behold every morning as the sun rises on the horizon and reflects in the sea water. When the moon is up, it provides excellent views as the water reflects its glow.

Weir’s Beach provides a variety of activities all year round. It is perfect for strolls in the sand while looking out for sea animals such as whales, sea lions, and otters. The beach is also great for bird watching as it is home to different types of birds.

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