3 Key Elements For a Successful Corporate Retreat

Incorporate these three elements into your next retreat and achieve a solid return on your investment

A well-thought-out retreat can be a game changer for your team and business – encouraging cross-departmental collaboration, strengthening working relationships, inspiring new ideas and re-energizing your team around common goals. However, not all retreats achieve this level of success.

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Things to Do During Your Shore Leave in Victoria, BC

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Victoria Shore Leave Insider’s Guide

D’ye hear there? Naval personnel read this guide and get the most out of your shore leave in Victoria, BC.

Lucky you! You’ve got some time to spend in one of the most beautiful places in the world. Discover some amazing things to do that are just a stone’s throw from CFB Esquimalt. Make the most of your shore leave with these off-the-beaten-trail sights and experiences.

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Best Ways to Welcome Spring in Victoria, BC 2019

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Feel Your Hibernating Self Come Alive with these Springtime Traditions.

It’s official! Spring is blooming all around Victoria. When the cherry blossoms emerge in March they herald the beginning of Victoria’s Annual Flower Count and usher in a season of outdoor activity. Shake off your winter blues and take time to enjoy the beauty of spring on the island!

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Top 3 reasons to choose a B&B for your next getaway!

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Take the road less traveled. Enjoy true hospitality and unique accommodations.

Want to feel like a local when you travel? Meet friendly people and get the inside scoop on the area you are visiting? Enjoy having a quiet retreat after a day of sightseeing?

B&B’s may be the perfect fit for you. We’ve got three good reasons to check out B&B’s before you book your next trip.

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Ten Most Romantic Spots to Take Your Valentine in Victoria, BC

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Wow your sweetheart with the best of Canada’s Most Romantic City!

It’s time to escape the winter blues and enjoy some quality time with the one you love.

Perfect ambiance, spectacular natural beauty and a wealth of fine dining, shopping and sightseeing await you in Victoria, BC. Pick your favorites from our best-of Victoria list and see for yourself why our city has been named the Most Romantic City in Canada four years running!

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Your Gulf Island Adventure Guide

Relaxation and Adventure Go Hand-in-Hand on the Gulf Islands!

Are you dreaming of an island getaway? Why stop at one? “Island hopping”, as the locals call it, is a wonderful way to enjoy the beauty and variety of the Gulf Islands.

This archipelago located off the coast of Vancouver Island boasts a wealth of unique, and breathtakingly beautiful, islands—each with their own special flavor. Life is quieter out on the Gulf Islands. Come enjoy the island way of life!

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The Best of Christmas in Victoria, BC 2018

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Eat, drink and be merry with the best of a West Coast Christmas!

Outside the snow may not be falling, it is Victoria after all, but the Christmas cheer is unmistakable. Delicious seasonal fare, bustling artisan markets, joyous holiday festivals– Victoria knows how to ring in the holidays in style. Come join us! There is no better place to enjoy the holiday season then here on our beautiful island.
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Your Team Needs a Corporate Retreat

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Taking a break is good for your employees—and good for the bottom-line.

There is an increasing awareness in the business world that retreats have a practical advantage for companies large and small. Research indicates that retreats and time off foster greater employee satisfaction, drive innovation and improve focus & productivity. Fortune magazine recently published an article that argues happy employees are productive employees—12% to 20% more effective.

Working less to get more done may seem counter intuitive, but the research is clear.
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Things to Do in Victoria, BC This Fall – 2018

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Take in All the Sights and Sounds of Fall in Victoria with This 2018 Events and Activity Guide

Fall in love with Victoria this fall! Whether you are looking for the perfect meal, an exciting festival or breathtaking view, Victoria has it all. The summer crowds have thinned and the trees are turning red, yellow and gold. Come stay with us at The Lodge and enjoy these autumn events!

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Beach Games to Try This Summer

How Can You Maximize Your Beach-Time Fun?

Do you seek out beaches for rest and relaxation? Or are you one of those people who likes to stay occupied on the beach?

If you enjoy a fun beach activity (or your family just won’t let you sunbathe) then it’s handy to have a few games and activities up your sleeve. That’s why we’re giving you some beach games to try this summer. We’ve included ideas to try for individuals, couples, families, and groups!

Don’t hesitate to try you mettle right here on Weir’s Beach in Victoria, BC. I may be biased, but it’s an excellent location for every one of these games.

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