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Taking a break is good for your employees—and good for the bottom-line.

There is an increasing awareness in the business world that retreats have a practical advantage for companies large and small. Research indicates that retreats and time off foster greater employee satisfaction, drive innovation and improve focus & productivity. Fortune magazine recently published an article that argues happy employees are productive employees—12% to 20% more effective.

Working less to get more done may seem counter intuitive, but the research is clear.

Time off increases productivity, creativity and focus

Corporate retreats allow for space to build new networks and foster new ideas. Co-workers have the opportunity to see each other in a new light and build on existing relationships.

Better understanding leads to new ideas and new approaches. Retreats can be uniquely effective at re-energizing your team. Shake up the status quo with a well-planned break.

Retreats are important for big-picture thinking

Retreats are a good time to help your team see the forest and not just the trees. After a big deadline, or finishing a large project, it is important to regroup and take time to be strategic about the next step.

A well-run retreat can build your team into a more cohesive group and give them a common vision.

Retreats give back to your employees

Show your team that you value the work they do and give them the opportunity to relax and connect with their co-workers. This can be especially important if your team is spread over multiple campuses or works remotely.

Focused time off in a retreat setting goes a long way toward ensuring your staff members feel valued, connected and committed to your organization.

Ready to reap the benefits of a corporate retreat?

Here at The Lodge at Weir’s Beach we host quality corporate retreats every year; for large, international organizations like the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and for local, Victoria-based organizations like Royal Roads University and Pearson College. Our peaceful, beach front location is ideally suited to provide your company with a creative, relaxing retreat space.

We are looking forward to working with you and helping to ensure that your team comes back to work on Monday feeling refreshed, reconnected and inspired.

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