Tips for Planning an Effective Corporate Retreat

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How to Create a Corporate Retreat that Your Staff Will Rave About for Years to Come


When employees list their favorite aspects of their jobs, corporate retreats do not usually reach the top of the list. While necessary for corporate planning and development, these excursions can often feel like a waste of time and company resources from the employee’s perspective. To ace your next corporate retreat in Victoria, follow these simple rules:

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Ultimate Winter Vacation Fun in Victoria, BC

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Things to do in Victoria, BC During the Winter

The winter season is upon us. This is usually a period for you to relax and have some fun. While some travelers want to head south for warmer temperatures, don’t be so quick to dismiss Victoria, BC as the perfect wintertime destination. This beautiful city enjoys a much more mild winter than the rest of Canada and thus allows vacationers to enjoy amazing winter activities without the discomfort of frostbite.

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Unique Autumn Vacation Fun in Victoria, BC

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Things to Do in Victoria, BC During the Fall Season

When you are looking for a vacation destination, there are many factors that you look out for when choosing the right destination. You most likely are searching for a location that is going to offer you an all-rounded experience. You get the ultimate vacation experience if you decide to vacation in Victoria, BC, especially during the autumn time. Below are some of the fun activities that you can take part in during this period.

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Going Green: Powering Your Stay with Renewable Energy

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The Lodge at Weir’s Beach Installs Solar Panels and EV Charging Stations

Living on the Pacific Ocean coast, surrounded by our temperate rainforest, we’ve come to appreciate our environment. Additionally, fossil fuel costs continue to rise leaving many people asking, “isn’t there a better way?”

The Lodge at Weir’s Beach is proud to announce that we are going green! With the help of partners like Tesla Motors and Power to the People, we have installed solar panels and EV Charging stations on site.

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Creating Workshops That People Will Be Desperate to Attend

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Tips on Organizing and Executing the Best Workshop for Your Professional or Creative Group


In a fast paced digital age, slowing things down a bit and organizing a workshop event for a professional or creative group is an impressive way to generate excitement, network with others in areas of interest and boost business success. Spending face to face time with like minded individuals in unique destinations allows new skills to develop and new relationships to form. Hosting affordable, yet memorable, workshops in Victoria may seem daunting but with a few tips your workshop is guaranteed to be a profitable success.

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The Many Hidden Uses of a Bed and Breakfast

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When to Go to A Bed and Breakfastromanticgetaway

You may be surprised at what you can do at a bed and breakfast vacation rental. The obvious, and most common, is to spend time with a significant other and take a vacation. The stereotype is that a bed and breakfast is solely a romantic destination (which it definitely can be) but there’s quite a few other hidden uses of a bed and breakfast.

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You Have 4 Vacation Superpowers When Staying at a Bed and Breakfast

Vacationing Secrets the Successful Don’t Want You to Know


“BAM!” the front door slams behind you after getting home from vacation. Are you relieved to be home or do you wish you had more holiday time? Are you tired and hesitant? Or refreshed and ready?

A good vacation can make or break the next weeks, months, or even years of your life. Successful people know one undeniable secret: rest is best.

You need to leverage those rare vacation days to fully recharge. To be the best version of you possible, you work hard and focus on productivity. The hyper-successful out there have learned that spending time being “off” is critical to improving their “on” time.

But how do you do that?

Don’t fret! You have within you 4 vacation superpowers just waiting to be discovered when you stay at a Bed and Breakfast.

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A Bed and Breakfast is Exactly What You Need

The Road Less Traveled: The BNB Experience

the Lodge at Weir's Beach, Ocean Beach ViewSome people travel with their families to a large resort for a stress-relieving break only to find themselves standing in long lines or rushing between “relaxing activities.” Ever come home from a vacation and need to recover with some rest!?

There are a few extra incentives to staying at a bed and breakfast that you might not be aware of. Here are 5 tips to help you make your plans so you can really unwind and relax at your bed and breakfast in Victoria, BC.

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7 Easy Tips to Great Smartphone Vacation Photos

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Get Perfect Photos Without All the Extra Luggage

orca_captionTaking quality photos while you’re on vacation will help create a lifetime of treasured memories. This is especially true while visiting the Lodge at Weir’s Beach in Victoria, BC – where the people and landscapes are breathtaking.

Luckily, you have the perfect vacation camera right in your pocket: your smartphone. Small, compact, and lightweight, it’s the right tool to capture spontaneous moments and share your journey.

Here are 7 easy smartphone photography tips to employ when staying in your bed and breakfast in Victoria BC.

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5 Fun Beach Games for All Ages

Try These Games at Your Oceanside Vacation Rental in Victoria, BC

Vacationing at an oceanside vacation rental in Victoria, BC is the perfect opportunity for the whole family to have fun together. The summer weather here on the west coast guarantees you’ll be spending some time at the beach. With our ever busy modern lifestyles, any opportunity to play and relax is invaluable for our happiness. Just to make your vacation more interesting, below are 5 fun beach games for all ages:

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