How to Use a Vacation Rental to Maximize Staff Productivity

Building Strong Work Place Bonds through Corporate Retreats

It is a well-known fact that work with no breaks will eventually be boring and monotonous. You need to throw some fun into the corporate mixture to keep people engaged and excited about working for the company.

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4 of the Most Rewarding Things to do at a Bed and Breakfast in Victoria, BC

Get the Most Out of Your Vacation Rental Experience

Bed and Breakfast inns in Victoria, BC present a unique getaway experience to travelers and vacation seekers. A good bed and breakfast will offer unique solitude and feelings of relaxation that are difficult to find. Vacation rentals are also usually less crowded, evoking feelings of freedom and exclusivity. As an individual, the activities you could do at a bed and breakfast are virtually limitless.

We have compiled a small list of the 4 most rewarding things to do during your visit. These could improve not only your stay but could also bring out feelings of relaxation and accomplishment.

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What to Pack for Your Bed & Breakfast Vacation

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Preparing for Your West Coast Vacation Getaway

Fall sun riseHave you ever been so ecstatic to embark on an exciting vacation that you’ve completely forgotten what to pack? Maybe you have no clue what to expect from your Bed & Breakfast that you’re not sure what will be provided to you and what you need to bring along.

This type of anxiety is extremely common amongst travelers far and wide. Even the most experienced sometimes fail in their packing routine because they either forget to do research on the venue or they just don’t know of the possibilities that a place might hold.

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Bed and Breakfast vs. Hotels: Explore the Difference

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Going on holiday offers new adventures, quality time spent with loved ones, and a much needed chance to relax. When reserving lodging, looking for a hotel might be your initial instinct, but there are many reasons to consider a B&B instead. From personalized service to additional amenities, a bed and breakfast vacation rental in Victoria, BC might be the perfect solution for you.

Why a Bed and Breakfast?

As the old saying goes, “Bigger isn’t always better,” which is particularly true when planning to book a vacation rental. While you may have certain preferences for lodging, you might be surprised to learn that a Bed & Breakfast offers multiple accommodations not found in hotels. Travelers enjoy staying in a bed and breakfast for many reasons.

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The 10 Things You MUST do During the Holiday Season in Victoria BC

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Winter in most parts of Canada and Northern USA means snow and icy weather, and activities of skating, skiing and tobogganing. But first you must scrape the frost off the car windows!

In Victoria British Columbia, on the other hand, where the snow seldom stays more than a day or two, outdoor activities include:

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Health Benefits of Beach Holidays

“There’s no doubt that the luxury of lying on a beach on holiday can be just the tonic needed for a busy lifestyle.  And, according to research, there seems to be genuine psychological benefits to a spell, however short, spent beside the sea”(2014 The Healthy Holiday Company).

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Study Shows Benefit of Yoga for Breast Cancer Survivors

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By now, most of us have heard about the many incredible health benefits associated with practicing yoga. From serving as a powerful stress-reliever to improving balance and flexibility, there’s no question that if you’re looking to embark on a healthier lifestyle, taking up yoga is a great place to start. However, there may just be one more major benefit that you may not have heard about quite yet.

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